Products of animal origin (POAO)

Products of animal origin (POAO)

A meat production plant

Regulation (EC) 931/2011 lays down provisions clarifying the traceability requirements set by Regulation (EC) 178/2002 to food business operators (FBO) in respect of food of animal origin.

The scope of the Regulation applies to unprocessed and processed POAO as defined in Regulation (EC) 852/2004 (Article 2(1)). It does not apply to food containing both products of plant origin and processed POAO.

Information required

The traceability requirements are that the following information must always be passed on by the FBO to the next FBOs, and also to the competent authority if requested.

  • Accurate description of the food
  • Volume/quantity
  • Name and address of FBO dispatching food
  • Name and address of consigner (owner) if different
  • Name and address of the FBO receiving the food
  • Name and address of the consignee (owner) if different
  • Reference identifying lot, batch or consignment
  • Date of dispatch

The information must be current and should be updated daily. The information must be kept and be retrievable for at least until it can be reasonably assumed that the food has been consumed. This should by inference take into account its likely use and shelf life.

When requested by the competent authority, the FBO must provide the information without undue delay. The form that the information is provided is up to the choice of the FBO as long as the information required is clearly and unequivocally available to the FBO to whom the food is supplied.

It is up to the FBO to determine what a lot, batch or consignment is. It will depend on the nature of the product and process operation. Technically the whole output could be considered as one lot/batch/consignment. However, if this is the case it needs to be noted that in the event of a withdrawal or recall, the entire output will be subject to withdrawal or recall.