Food Law - Guidance for Authorised Officers

Food Law - Guidance for Authorised Officers

Food Law Code of Practice front cover

Practical guidance is issued by the FSA to assist food authorities with the discharge of their statutory duty to enforce relevant food law. It is non-statutory, complements the statutory code of practice and provides general advice on approach to enforcement of the law where its intention might be unclear.

Food Law Code of Practice

The Food Standards Agency works with enforcement officers to ensure that food and feed law is applied across the entire food chain. The Food Law Codes of Practice for England, Wales and Northern Ireland (and the equivalent Feed Law codes) set out the way local authorities should apply food law, and how they should work with food businesses.

Food Authorities have statutory duties to enforce legislation relating to food, including the primary production of food.

The purpose of enforcement is to ensure compliance with legislation relating to food in each Food Authority’s area in the United Kingdom (UK). Every Food Authority must therefore discharge its duty as effectively as possible, using means that are most appropriate to the circumstances.

The effective discharge of this duty relies on Authorised Officers being familiar with the law they are appointed to enforce, referring to the law itself as well as to this Code and other guidance, understanding what the law actually states and requires, and seeking guidance when either it, or they, are unclear.