Traceability analysis – On-line butcher

Traceability analysis

On-line butcher

Process Step Identification read Recorded information Identification applied
3 Delivery Delivery of game product to customer (restaurant) on receipt of on-line order

One step forward
The internal product identification reference
  • What product is supplied
  • The quantity that is supplied
  • To whom the product is supplied (customer destination)
  • The date and means of dispatch
The product lot, batch or consignment reference
2 Preparation Internal handling of game and preparation of game product Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
1 Intake Purchase and receipt of game from supplier (Game handling establishment)

One step back
The product lot, batch or consignment reference
  • What the product is
  • The quantity supplied
  • Who supplied it
  • The date it came in
The consignment reference is retained and/or an internal goods received reference is applied