About this course

About this course

Aims and contents

This eLearning course has been developed by the Food Standards Agency. It will provide enforcement officers with information on the principles and practice of traceability and how this relates to their role and responsibilities.

The course aims to:

  • Provide a background and overview of traceability legislation
  • Detail the traceability requirements of Regulation 178/2002 for all foods and those for specific foods
  • Give details of the requirements for food business operators including supporting management systems
  • Outline the role of competent authorities
  • Show how product identification and management of information facilitates traceability

In addition there are modules on case studies to illustrate traceability in different food production processes and on sources of further guidance on traceability.

Each module consists of a number of pages which cover specific aspects. Each page contains:

  • An Overview section giving a brief summary of the key points
  • A find out section which offers a detailed description
  • There are also multiple choice 'test your knowledge' questions including a quiz section.
  • A glossary is also provided with links and resources and definitions that apply to the course.

You will also find quick links on the left hand side to About this course, Quiz, Links and resources, Glossary and the FSA website.

The modules may be completed in any order but it is recommended to follow the modules in the order presented.

Continuing Professional Development

This e-learning course is part of the continuing programme of update training for enforcers.

Certificates of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are available to enforcement officers and other interested professionals who register, log in and pass the quiz. These will need to be approved by your individual manager to count 4 hours towards your CPD requirement.

The certificate will expire after one year and the status of the quiz will be reset. Users must retake the quiz and gain a new certificate for CPD.

Using this course

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